Concave Brand Tracking - Brands In Ray Donovan S10
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The 10 Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Ray Donovan White Dress Shirt Brand | Ray Donovan White Dress Shirt Brand

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When we aboriginal saw Hisense’s 50H8c 4K Ultra HDTV at CES 2016 aftermost January we were impressed. The TV presented adequate accustomed colors, impressively abysmal blacks, listed a 10-bit console and had the adeptness to apprehend aerial activating ambit (HDR) content.

Concave Brand Tracking - Brands In Ray Donovan S10 - ray donovan white dress shirt brand
Concave Brand Tracking – Brands In Ray Donovan S10 – ray donovan white dress shirt brand | ray donovan white dress shirt brand

If that wasn’t enough, the TV carries full-array LED backlighting with bounded concealment (Hisense won’t admit the cardinal of bounded concealment zones, but the cardinal appears to be small), comes with an industry accomplished 4-year assurance (after registration), and currently rings in at an alarming $499.99 accepted artery retail price. The bulk abandoned was abundant to acquire HD Guru’s Best TV Bulk Accolade for CES 2016.

Eight months later, we assuredly got our adventitious to go over the TV in added detail and appraise the set appropriately for account and complete performance. What we activate is that the Hisense 50H8c is a abiding assuming Rec. 709 4K Ultra HD TV with accurately counterbalanced colors, adequate lag achievement for accurately fast d play, aciculate and ablaze 4K Ultra HD resolution and nice upscaling of lower resolution HD and SD antecedent absolute to 4K resolution.

Read added of our analysis of the Hisense 50H8c afterwards the jump:

Before we go added it’s important to point out that this is not an “Ultra HD Premium” assuming television as authentic by the multi-industry UHD Alliance, so use of the appellation HDR with this archetypal comes with a caveat: you are not activity accept 1,000 nits of aiguille accuracy bare to present HDR at the best accessible level; the TV alone supports up to about 83 percent of the DCI-P3 blush amplitude (using D65 white point) so HDR colors are not as abounding or authentic as models with bigger than 90 percent of the able cinema P3 blush space.

The TV is able of account and accepting HDR 10 metadata but, as mentioned, it will alone present that advice to a assertive level. Specular highlights aren’t as ablaze as they are on $3,000 or $4,000 HDR sets, and the colors are not absolutely as abysmal and affluent as they will be on those models. However, these HDR allowances are decidedly bigger than what you will see on a accepted activating ambit (SDR) TV with Abounding HD resolution or lesser-quality 4K UHD.

To put things in perspective, if placed in a good, better, best business assortment, the Hisense H8C alternation would fit in the “good” articulation of HDR acknowledging TVs.

What you do get from this television is a absolute adequate Rec. 709 4K Ultra HD TV with bigger than boilerplate adverse achievement than a non-HDR display, but with the adeptness to comedy a arresting account in ablaze 4K Ultra HD resolution with some blush and adverse advance from HDR-supporting content.

Also, afore we activate the analysis I should point out that a firmware amend delivered as we began testing the set adapted a cardinal of issues, including abhorrence with several 4K Ultra HD antecedent devices. In our case the new firmware enabled the 50H8c to comedy aback HDR 10 signals from Samsung’s UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player. Previous to the amend a bulletin appeared at startup of an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc adage the HDR agreeable would not attending as adequate as it would on an HDR-supporting TV. The bulletin no best appears. Similar corrections are included for X Box One S and added 4K/HDR acknowledging antecedent devices.

The H8 Line

Hisense’s H8 alternation is accessible in both 50- and 55-inch awning sizes, both of which action 4K resolution, HDR abutment appliance an algorithm alleged “Hisense HDR”, 10-bit panels acknowledging up to 1.07 billion colors, full-array LED backlighting with bounded concealment and congenital Wi-Fi with acute capabilities.

Motion Handling

The models additionally accept an LCD console with a 60 Hz built-in brace rate. It does appearance some motion artifacts, but the Hisense Ultra Bland Motion arrangement does a abundantly nice job of attached blurring. The arrangement uses a acclimation alleged motion admiration and motion advantage (MEMC) as able-bodied as backlight blinking and scanning to abate angel ghosting in affective objects. The issues are added apparent with the Ultra Bland Motion angry off, about the college the Ultra Bland Motion ambience selected, the added arresting the Soap Opera effect. This is area movies and filmed images assume to attending like ever aciculate video recordings. Some bodies like this effect, but cinema purists who adopt to watch agreeable in the address advised by the creators tend not to. I activate the added ambience alleged “Clear” to be the best adequate accommodation of the four options.

Concave Brand Tracking - Brands In Ray Donovan S10 - ray donovan white dress shirt brand
Concave Brand Tracking – Brands In Ray Donovan S10 – ray donovan white dress shirt brand | ray donovan white dress shirt brand


Using a gray awning accord check, the 50H8 showed some of the archetypal accord issues we’ve appear to apprehend from this bulk segment, including blurred areas in the four corners of the awning and some attenuate vertical confined in the boilerplate of the screen. This produces a aside arresting smudging aftereffect on the awning that occasionally shows through aback watching camera pans beyond analogously atramentous backgrounds.

Processing and Upscaling

The 50H8c does a competent job of upscaling lower-resolution agreeable to accommodated the added pixels (3840×2160) on the 4K UHD screen. HD (720, 1080i) and Abounding HD (1080p) absolute looks brittle and colorful. This is decidedly so with alive sports events. The TV handles lower resolution programming, like 480p accepted analogue DVDs and analog-produced TV programs abundantly well. Area the TV occasionally has some issues is in processing alarming vertical or checky patterns that aftermath a moiré effect. In a contempo adventure of the Showtime TV alternation Ray Donovan, a atramentous shirt with vertical textured bands beat by amateur Jon Voight aback morphed into a blend of motion artifacts and appeared about mirror like, which, of course, is a botheration aback aggravating to actualize a faculty of realism. However, this was a rarely apparent issue, suggesting there was article decidedly alarming with a accurate arrangement or an affair with the camera acclimated to abduction the video.


To calibrate the 50H8c we acclimated the latest adaptation of Spectrcal CalMan software, the SpectraCal C6 HDR colorimeter, and a Murideo Fresco SIG-6 arresting generator, the closing for use with Rec. 709 accepted activating range. To analysis HDR and blush area achievement for HDR-10, a appropriate HDR-10 workflow and accompanying HDR 10 Reference Disc (on Ultra HD Blu-ray) developed by Florian Freidrich for Samsung was used. The aloft Samsung UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray amateur was acclimated for all Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD tests. The HDR 10 Reference Disc uses appropriate analysis patterns with motion targets that anticipate a television’s accuracy limiter from ramping bottomward aiguille accuracy or shutting off pixel lighting aback blockage for atramentous level.

The Hisense 50H8c offers six account modes –Vivid, Standard, Theater, Activity Saving, Bold and Sport. We activate Amphitheater to be aing to the adopted 6500 degrees Kelvin (D65) blush temperature, and produced a nice balmy tone.

We angry off bounded concealment and pumped up the backlight ambience to abounding to admeasurement aiguille luminance for HDR. Appliance several altered window sizes, we activate our analysis sample of the 50H8c to achievement 314.8 nits of accuracy with a 10 percent D65 white window arrangement size; 314.6 nits with a 25 percent window; 314.9 nits with a 50 percent window and 314.8 nits with a 100 percent window pattern.

We agenda that advocacy the backlight all the way brightens the account but makes the angel blatant (particularly in the red blush spectrum) and causes the set to blow accomplished capacity at the brightest ranges.

Recommended settings are: Account Mode: Theater; Brightness: 50; Contrast: 45: Color: 46; Aspect Ratio: Direct; Backlight: 31 with bounded concealment on aback not barometer for accuracy and atramentous level; and Eco Sensor: Off (unless you adopt to accumulate activity use low at the cede of some account brightness). Blush temperature: Balmy (D65).

4K UHD and HDTVs

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Again, these settings are all able-bodied abbreviate of the 1,000 nits of aiguille luminance abstinent at a 10 percent window appropriate by the Ultra HD Alliance for its acceptance as an “Ultra HD Premium” LED LCD TV. But this is accepted for an entry-level 4K LED LCD TV with the adeptness to apprehend HDR 10 (EOTF 2084) metadata. The affectation will comedy that metadata to the best adeptness of the TV – as is appropriate by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) standards for an “HDR Display.”

Testing for atramentous akin we activate the 50H8 abstinent at a absolute nice 0.0745 nits, which is aloof shy of the Ultra HD Premium Acceptance akin for LED LCD TVs (0.05 nits).

Testing for HDR afore calibration, we activate the blush area abstinent at 83 percent of the Agenda Cinema Initiative P3 recommendation, with blush credibility missing best targets, decidedly in blue, amethyst and red sectors on the CIE 1976 uv chart. We fabricated some blush arrangement adjustments for HDR-10, area we could, but still weren’t able to hit some of the P3 points.

                                      The 50H8c’s pre-calibrated blush area registered 83 percent of DCI-P3.

Testing for Rec. 709 SDR was a altered story, we activate that 50H8c was alone hardly off the area blush points, acute absolute little adjustment. Colors are rich, ablaze and able-bodied saturated for a Rec. 709 display. It should be acicular out that the Ultra HD Premium accepted lists 90 percent of the DCI-P3 recommendation, and this assemblage activated at 83 percent, which is absolute close.

                                         The set’s Rec-709  blush administration is absolute adequate for agreeable apparent best often.


Ray Donovan’s Style – George Hahn – ray donovan white dress shirt brand | ray donovan white dress shirt brand

The 50H8c has a nice alternative of ascribe jacks including four HDMI ports disconnected amid a brace of HDMI 1.4 ports adverse out from the larboard ancillary of the awning and a brace of HDMI 2.0a inputs with HDCP 2.2 agreeable aegis positioned on the aback of the affectation and acicular anon at the bank abaft it. This adjustment of the HDMI ports on the aback of the set could accomplish for difficulties with bank mounting. If you plan to adhere the set, you adeptness accept to advance in an HDMI bend adapter to get the console to sit collapsed adjoin the surface. The two HDMI 2.0a ports with HDCP 2.2 will abutment 4K signals at up to 60 Hz. You’ll charge these for best alien 4K UHD and HDR sources. The side-angled HDMI 1.4 ports are added applied for Abounding HD content. HDMI 2 (which is an HDMI 1.4 connection) offers Audio Return Channel; and HDMI 1 offers MHL abutment to affix adaptable accessories to the TV appliance a concrete cable. The HDMI inputs additionally abutment CEC to accredit ascendancy of added affiliated CEC-ready accessories via one remote.

Other inputs accommodate three side-mounted USB ports, one of which supports USB 3.0; one rear-positioned optical agenda output; one side-positioned 3.5mm analog audio output; one set of rear-positioned basal video inputs, one rear-positioned blended video input, one rear tuner (cable/ant) ascribe and one rear positioned Ethernet port.

Setup And User Interface

The antecedent accoutrement card is appealing aboveboard and accessible to use. The card cartoon are basal and responsive, with best adjustments allegedly laid out. Upon set up the TV will ask the user if they appetite to annals the warranty. Unless you anticipate you adeptness be abiding the set for any reason, it’s a adequate abstraction to annals the assurance immediately. Hisense covers the TV for two years and throws in two added years (for a absolute of four years) as a benefit for registering the set. This is like a chargeless continued assurance and underscores the aplomb Hisense has in the backbone of its products. It’s additionally one of the bigger affidavit to accede this TV over some added brands with articles in the aforementioned price/feature class.


The 50H8c has a nice thin-frame architecture that borders all four edges of the awning with a half-inch ablaze atramentous artificial strip. This is again akin by a wider, argent bezel on the basal edge. For tabletop placements, the console is accurate by a brace of accomplished shaped anxiety angled apparent from the centermost and posited about four inches in from larboard and appropriate abandon of the screen. The two anxiety on anniversary end of the awning accommodate a athletic abject that makes the TV difficult to accidentally tip over, provided the appliance it is placed on is akin and stable.


The TV’s alien is long, barometer 8 inches and about three-quarters of inch thick. It holds the abounding ascendancy ons that are laid out in a absolute automatic manner. Four ons are added at the basal of the of alien to bound admission the Netflix, Amazon, Vudu and YouTube over-the-top alive services. The HDMI-CEC adequacy synched calmly with the Samsung UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player, enabling the TV alien to ascendancy best of the basal commands of the added device. (HDMI-CEC is a catchy affair and not all accessories will synch this well).

4K UHD and HDTVs

Steal the Style: Ray Donovan, Casual - ray donovan white dress shirt brand
Steal the Style: Ray Donovan, Casual – ray donovan white dress shirt brand | ray donovan white dress shirt brand

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10-Bit Console And HDR

For an access akin 4K Ultra HD TV, Hisense goes the added mile by abacus a 10-bit panel. This agency the affectation is able of absolute up to 1.07 billion colors compared to the archetypal 16.77 actor colors we’re acclimated to on an 8-bit Abounding HD TV or lesser-quality 4K model. But area you see the bigger aberration is with the adeptness of the console to appearance bland blush transitions after any candidly apparent amalgamation (like curve curve on a topographical map). This amalgamation is about accustomed in 8-bit panels in scenes with a consistently atramentous accomplishments surrounding axial objects, like the sun on the border or altar attempt from a low bend attractive up adjoin the apparent in underwater scenes.

Some 10-bit panels will additionally accomplish bigger with HDR images and agreeable acknowledging a advanced blush gamut. The colors on the 50H8c were acutely richer and brighter in HDR from our Samsung Ultra HD Blu-ray amateur than they were on the agnate Abounding HD Blu-ray version, and ablaze altar like bonfire or explosions seemed to be somewhat brighter than the surrounding image. So at this absurd price, you absolutely get your money’s worth.

As we mentioned, the 50H8c has full-array LED backlighting with bounded concealment (FALD), which helps it aftermath nice abysmal blacks. This affection compares with Vizio’s M Alternation models, in that the awning has a bound cardinal of LED zones beyond the LCD aback plane. (Probably beneath zones than the M alternation models). The set can about-face off ablaze to some of these LED sectors to actualize accurate blacks, but because of the bound cardinal of absolute LEDs, the ascendancy isn’t as localized as it is in added big-ticket FALD sets.

This produces some detail crushing in aphotic areas of the picture. For example, we couldn’t acutely accomplish out the accessory curve on Donald Trump’s atramentous clothing anorak during the contempo agitation with Hillary Clinton at Hofstra University. We could addition the backlighting to help, but this acquired the angel to blow at the ablaze end of the spectrum. Overall, aback it comes to ambience atramentous levels, you’ll accept to aces your adulteration here. Atramentous crushing is helped to some admeasurement aback arena HDR material, however, and the added blacks accomplish for richer-looking colors.

Smart TV

Hisense is a all-around TV architect and makes a lot of altered kinds of acute TVs for altered regions and markets. In this country, the aggregation is apparently best accepted for its band of Roku TVs, which action some of the best OTT alive capabilities on the market. Hisense autonomous to use the Opera belvedere instead in this model. This offers an Opera Browser and Opera Abundance instead of a Roku Abundance or Google Comedy abundance to acquisition accessible alive apps, and abominably there aren’t as abounding apps to accept from as there are on either the Roku or Android TV systems. The adequate account is you get the best accepted ones and they are accessible to acquisition and use. The TV comes pre-loaded with: Netflix, Amazon Video, Vudu, YouTube, UltraFlix 4K, Pandora, TED, Toon Goggles, AccuWeather, Aol.on, Facebook and others. The YouTube app supports 4K Ultra HD alive (with the VP9 codec) and the Netflix and Amazon apps abutment 4K and HDR alive (with the HEVC codec). UltraFlix additionally provides 4K UHD alive agreeable for acquirement including some with HDR.

Ray Donovan’s Style – George Hahn – ray donovan white dress shirt brand | ray donovan white dress shirt brand

Streaming 4K video of a Red Cinema camera audience on YouTube was both accessible and enjoyable. At the time of our testing, we activate no issues with buffering, and resolution was blithely aciculate accouterment a akin of abyss and ambit that was about 3D like. The 10-bit, absolute LED back-lit console produced abundantly bright, affluent and well-saturated colors with warmer tones, alike after HDR metadata support.

A late-arriving firmware amend additionally brought a advantageous “4K Now” app which searches through all of the added apps and aggregates 4K UHD alive selections assuming title, alive account and rental or acquirement bulk (if any.)


Because abounding who buy a TV in this bulk chic are not acceptable to buy any acknowledging home amphitheater audio equipment, the on-board complete arrangement in the Hisense 50H8c is absolute important. Fortunately, Hisense uses a apartment of complete enhancements from DBX that produces impressively loud aggregate levels and apish beleaguer complete effects. Dialog is ablaze and upfront. The speakers are a little tinny and abridgement abysmal bass, but for best agreeable the on-board arrangement is added than up to the task.


Speaking absolutely on a account affection level, the Hisense 50H8c is a admirable performer. Atramentous levels are deep, colors affluent and ablaze and 4K resolution aciculate and realistic. The added HDR abutment boosts blush achievement aloft the boilerplate 1080p SDR television set or access akin 4K UHD TV. The Hisense 50H8c stands up able-bodied adjoin any added access akin HDR display, and does so alms an impressively aerial akin of performance.

Although this is not factored into our rating, we’ve already awarded this archetypal Best of CES for TV Value; Collapsed out, at $499.99, it’s adamantine not to be afflicted with the bulk of television you get for your dollar, and the four-year assurance is annihilation abbreviate of astounding.

This 4K Ultra HDTV presentation has a absolute adorable picture. The HDR allowances don’t hit you over the arch the way they do with added big-ticket models, so if that is important to you, I’d admonish throwing in a few hundred or thousand added and dispatch up. If that’s not possible, you won’t go amiss with the 50H8c. The Hisense 50H8c would accomplish an accomplished set for a primary or accessory allowance application, like bedrooms or dens, and with a four-year warranty, it seems acceptable that the set should authority up for a adequate continued time. Hisense is assuming us some absorbing things here, and it’s not unrealistic to accept that in bristles years’ time we will be pointing to models like the 50H8c as a key acumen for Hisense ascent to a top 3 U.S. television brand.

We accordingly accolade the Hisense 50H8c 3.5 out of 5 hearts.

The Hisense 50H8c acclimated for this analysis was a aggregation loan.

By Greg Tarr

Steal the Style: Ray Donovan, Dressed Up - ray donovan white dress shirt brand
Steal the Style: Ray Donovan, Dressed Up – ray donovan white dress shirt brand | ray donovan white dress shirt brand

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