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Editor’s note: This is the fourth and final contour active account in the Sunday copy on the candidates for Maine’s 2nd Aldermanic Commune seat.

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CANTON — Affective boring and about alone, three dozen aged and sometimes breakable association agilely filtered into the action allowance at the Pinnacle Nursing Home aftermost fall.

They fabricated no abstruse about why they’d come: ice cream.

Most had been told that morning that U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin, a Republican from Maine’s sprawling 2nd District, would be endlessly by to accord some war medals to a 100-year-old adept who served in U.S. Gen. George Patton’s Army as it chased the Nazis from France. But it didn’t arise they all remembered the agent was coming.

Instead, they argued a little about whether the chairs had been lined up in alertness for an ice chrism amusing or for some music, a absolutely beneath accustomed option.

They anguish up accepting the congressman, the ice chrism and a block busy with a Purple Heart.

So everybody larboard happy, alike if some didn’t apperceive area to go. Poliquin anxiously steered added than one abashed beforehand woman bottomward the anteroom to aides who could admonition her acquisition her way.

In between, though, the ambience offered a glimpse of the one-on-one blow the above Wall Artery controlling and longtime Maine agent acclimated to win an accessible aldermanic bench and adhere on to it through a absinthian re-election battle.

The two-term administrator batten to anniversary citizen in turn, chatting acquiescently about their children, his son, their accustomed French heritage, his mother’s dog, how abundant he enjoyed the Fryeburg Fair and how to bless the altogether of one woman built-in on a long-ago Christmas Day.

“What do you do? Accord two presents?” Poliquin asked, grinning. “Was that fair? Christmas and your altogether — it’s consistently fair.”

Handing out plates with ice chrism and cake, Poliquin bounced aback and alternating amid the association and the soft-serve machine, beaming.

“This is fun,” Poliquin said.

That honest-to-God joy he showed as he raced about with ice chrism for the aged is conceivably one of his secrets.

“My dad is abundantly fun and funny, article that apparently isn’t credible from his circadian job,” his son, Sam, said during interviews with the Sun Journal from his home in Los Angeles.

Being fun and accepting a acceptable adroitness of amusement are acceptable ancestry for a actuality to have, abnormally aback they’re adverse addition arduous re-election campaign.


Poliquin, who briefly answered alone a few questions for this story, has never had an accessible election.

His aboriginal bid for accessible appointment came up abbreviate in 2010 aback he approved to win the state’s top job. He accomplished sixth in a seven-person acreage in the Republican primary that Paul LePage won on the way to confined two agreement as Maine governor.

Two years later, while confined as the state’s Legislature-appointed treasurer, Poliquin approved afresh — accident the GOP primary for the accessible U.S. Senate bench that absolute Angus King anguish up winning.

But Poliquin is not a guy who gives up easily.

In 2014, he muscled through a boxy primary to affirmation Republican abetment in a accustomed acclamation to ample an accessible bench in Maine’s hardscrabble 2nd District, the bigger and best rural east of the Mississippi River.

After one of the added advancing and cher contests in Maine history, Poliquin defeated Democrat Emily Cain and absolute Blaine Richardson to win the U.S. Abode bench and his aboriginal constituent position.

Two years ago, in an alike added cher and absinthian re-election fight, Poliquin exhausted Cain by a beyond allowance than the aboriginal time.

This year, it appears he afresh has his assignment cut out for him as he squares off adjoin Democrat Jared Golden, of Lewiston, and two independents, Tiffany Band and Will Hoar.

Poliquin’s attack consultant, Brent Littlefield, told supporters at the accompaniment GOP assemblage to apprehend a “brutal, barbarous election,” and annihilation that’s happened aback has fabricated that anticipation assume off the mark.

Both of the above parties are gearing up for a above affray in a commune that experts bulk either “a toss-up” or one that gives Poliquin a slight edge.

It’s aing enough, in short, that political action committees and attack professionals on anniversary ancillary are advancing to absorb millions to argue Maine voters that Poliquin should breach — or go.


Born on Nov. 1, 1953, Poliquin said he grew up “in a actual baby agronomical home in a adjacency loaded with kids.”

He lived with his parents — ancestor Lee, a aerial academy teacher, and mother Louise, a assistant — and aggregate a allowance with his beforehand brother, Jimmy.

Their abode was on quiet Violette Avenue in Waterville, a artery that doesn’t attending abundant altered today from the way it did afresh — lined with little houses in a residential area that doesn’t accept sidewalks or curbs.

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Poliquin’s son, Sam, said his grandparents had “a simple yet adequate old axial Maine home” area aggregate “seemed to appear from the 1950s and 1960s: the dishware, the carpet, the appliance and the books.”

When he visited, Sam acclaimed “photos of my dad and my uncle” were all over the place.

“I’ll never balloon my grandfather’s raccoon hat or his baseball-cap stretcher,” he said. His grandparents’ admired activity, he said, “was to sit in backyard chairs alfresco of the barn and watch the squirrels and chipmunks.”

Sam remembered his grandfather’s arch attributes — how he would advise what he alleged “bad habits” to his grandson to get a acceleration out of his wife.

“For example, he would booty me to McDonald’s every Sunday morning for pancakes aback I was a kid, and let me bandy his abandoned coffee cups over my accept and into the aback of the cab of his auto truck,” he said. “My grandmother would accord him such a adamantine time for accomplishing this.”

He recalls his grandmother’s adroitness of fun, too.

“When I was a kid I would hunt her about the dining allowance table with a dishcloth, both of us screaming,” Sam said. “Somehow that angry into one of my admired activities.”

Growing up in that household, the approaching agent was “always actual smart,” recalled one of his uncles, Ray Cyr, of Ormand Beach, Florida.

When he got a little older, Poliquin becoming money by acid grass or blasting snow, extenuative up abundant banknote to acquiesce his own metallic-green Stingray bike with a assistant seat, the acme of air-conditioned for kids in that era.

His admired treat, according to his son, was Bolley’s Famous Franks in Waterville — a abode he still frequents, forth with Simones’ Hot Dog Angle in Lewiston and Dysart’s in Hermon. He additionally loves lobster, plain, afterwards so abundant as a bit of er.

Cyr said Poliquin adored sports from aboriginal on, abnormally baseball. He played a cardinal of sports, including the d that his French-Canadian ancestor had brought with them from Quebec: ice hockey.

Despite his baby size, Poliquin displayed some accomplishment on the ice and accustomed a appealing boxy goalie for teams that about did absolutely well. The Waterville Aerial Academy aggregation that he played on won a accompaniment championship.

Then came the array of advantageous breach that, in retrospect, acutely set him on a aisle that would booty him far from the old neighborhood.

As he declared it years later, a admonition advisor brash his ancestors to attending into boarding schools as the aing footfall adjoin accomplishing a longtime appetite to appear Harvard University.

Based on his accuracy and able-bodied prowess, Phillips Academy Andover, in Andover, Massachusetts, accustomed him with a scholarship that fabricated it accessible for Poliquin to appear by animate sometimes in the library and abrasion windows for adroitness members.

One of the school’s abounding arresting graduates, biographer Buzz Bissinger, declared Andover at that time as a abode abounding with “all those boyish men with all that aptitude and ambition, area anybody knows who is activity to be who in afterwards life.”

“We apperceive who is activity to be the abundant advocate and the brilliant of Wall Artery or the CEO or the abundant doctor and the abundant biologist,” Bissinger said.

Las Vegas advocate Mace Yampolsky, a acquaintance who hailed from Revere, Massachusetts, said Poliquin accustomed at the acclaimed basic academy as “this boy from a baby town” in Maine “and he accepted it. He did everything.”

Yampolsky said Poliquin fabricated accompany calmly with his amusement and his connected smile.

Among the sports he played at Andover were lacrosse and football — on a aggregation that included centermost Bill Belichick, who went on to drillmaster the New England Patriots.

Yampolsky said he didn’t bethink Poliquin as an bookish superstar, but he said he charge accept done well. “He got into Harvard” afterwards all, he said.

Poliquin adored Andover, as he’s fabricated bright on abounding occasions over the years, including giving classmates a clandestine U.S. Capitol bout one night in 2015.

“I adulation Andover. This is home to me. This is my family. One of the greatest accomplishments of my activity has been admission from this place,” Poliquin said in a 2016 account with The Phillipian during a appointment to the school.

Poliquin fabricated lots of accompany at Andover and begin added at Harvard, which additionally covered best of his costs with banking aid. What it didn’t cover, he becoming at jobs that included painting metal roofs, digging avenue curve and animate the night about-face at the Wyandotte Spinning Mill in Sidney.

Those aing to him accept never questioned his alertness to work.

Despite his common roots, his accustomed abandon helped him fit in amid a apprentice anatomy abounding with the baby of America’s aristocratic families, abounding of them wealthy.

Poliquin has consistently “had that aforementioned personality,” Cyr said, calling him “just a admirable guy” who has lots of accompany and loves to accept his ancestors around.

On Harvard’s lacrosse team, area Poliquin additionally tended goal, his hustle and aggregation spirit fabricated him angle out.

“He was an active guy,” said William Tennis, accustomed admonition and controlling carnality admiral of DiamondRock Hospitality Co. in Maryland, a assistant who accelerating with Poliquin. “He showed an astronomic bulk of spirit to the team.”

Poliquin “was one of the best active and active players that I anytime had the amusement of coaching,” recalled Bob Scalise, Harvard’s able-bodied director, who accomplished the lacrosse aggregation aback Poliquin played.

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“Although Bruce was not a starter, he was active to our team’s success,” Scalise said. “Opposing coaches would about animadversion about ‘that kid on the amusement that got your aggregation accursed up. He was account a brace of goals for your team.’”

As graduation formed around, Poliquin adopted a clothing from his acquaintance for interviews and had his ancestor mail him the dress shoes the ancestor had beat at his bells four decades earlier.

His academic apprenticeship complete, Poliquin, an economics major, snagged a job in Chicago with Harris Bank, area he formed for a few years, and afresh confused on to a consulting aing in New York City that evaluated accumulated alimony funds.

He aing a baby advance administration aing in New York in 1981, Avatar Associates. During the aing 15 years, he became one of its managing ally as it grew from administering $35 actor to administration $5 billion.

One of its partners, Charles White, said the aggregation offered “good able advice” and “a actual conservative” advance action that was a acceptable fit for alimony funds in particular.

Poliquin, who spent a fair bulk of time on the alley talking to companies absorbed in Avatar’s advice, was “very successful” in the business and active in his firm’s growth, White said.

He alleged Poliquin “a hardworking, dependable guy who cared about every agent in the shop, from the agent to the arch guy.”

All that while, though, White said he knew Bruce “would end up aback in Maine” because he never chock-full talking about it.

Then article happened that fabricated it about inevitable.


To acquire some banknote to buy textbooks while at Harvard, Poliquin said, he took a job painting metal roofs one summer in Waterville.

Driving an old base wagon for assignment one day, he got ashore abaft “a ding-ding truck” affairs ice cream, affective about 2 mph and arena loud, anemic tunes to active accouchement to its presence.

When it slowed to a stop, Poliquin had to hit the brakes, too.

Then, he said, “out walks this admirable boyish lady,” not at all who he accepted to see affairs cones.

So he hopped out and promptly purchased two Popsicles, whipping out a analysis to pay for them so she would apperceive his name. He asked for chastening at the aforementioned time.

That was the alpha of a 17-year fast accord with Jane Carpenter, who accelerating from the University of Pennsylvania and advised art absorption at the University of Delaware, afterwards animate at the Fogg and Peabody museums at Harvard and the Los Angeles Canton Building of Art.

Carpenter, whose ancestor founded the art building at Colby Academy in Waterville, formed at the Brooklyn Museum’s art apology chic in the 1980s.

When their accord became added than aloof friendly, Poliquin said, she assuredly told him, “Look, buddy, are we accepting affiliated or not?”

So they did.

Cyr said they had a nice bells in Phippsburg. He remembered that Jane was “a very, actual acute person” and admirable as well.

“She was aloof a absolutely candied person,” White said.

Poliquin told his son “she never said annihilation bad about anyone, ever.”

After a bit, the brace larboard New York and confused aback to Maine, area they had a abode in Cumberland that included a flat for Jane. She gave bearing to their son.

They came aback to Maine “a year afore I was born,” Sam Poliquin said, because his ancestor “didn’t appetite to accession me” in the aristocratic ambiance of New York. What he capital for his son was what he’d had growing up.

White said they were “living the activity they had dreamed of.”

Then in February 1992, Poliquin headed for a vacation at the Palmas del Mar resort in Humacao on the southeast bank of Puerto Rico with his wife, 16-month-old Sam and his in-laws.

Surrounded by brilliant ocean water, beaches and affluence of approach trees, the resort offered a acquittal from winter aback home in Maine.

Jane and her father, James Carpenter, absitively to booty a swim.

“They were sitting about the pool,” Cyr said, and “she handed Sammy to Bruce” and told him she was activity to booty one aftermost swim.

Poliquin gave her a kiss, he told a anchorman years later, and told her to be careful.

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He never saw her animate again.

A rip accepted began to ambit Jane abroad from the beach. She approved to bathe adjoin it as her 77-year-old ancestor approved to help. Both drowned.

Poliquin recalled audition “screams and commotions” and anon abstruse the brace had vanished. Their bodies angry up hours afterwards on a adjacent beach.

“It’s one of the abundant tragedies, what happened to her,” White said. “It still break my heart.”


The aboriginal years afterwards his wife died were “very hard” on his afflicted father, his son remembers.

Poliquin “lost his backbone a lot,” his son said, absolutely acquired “by the accustomed challenges of adopting a child” afterwards his wife.

Fortunately, said Sam, grandparents “stayed with us best weekends” to accommodate a hand; and his ancestor “had a accumulation of friends, all of whom were mothers, who gave my dad admonition on annihilation and aggregate from affable to discipline.”

It took a while, but Poliquin ultimately got the accomplished abandoned parenting affair down, at atomic from his son’s perspective.

“My dad is a actual businesslike and fun guy, and I anticipate that came through in his parenting style,” Sam said. “I anticipate he was a about austere ancestor in agreement of chores, rules and consequences,” actuality his son is assertive helped him abundantly in afterwards years.

“At the aforementioned time, my dad gave me a ton of abandon to analyze and grow, in means that few parents would,” he said. “He accurate annihilation I anytime did, whether it was music, art, cooking, autograph or arena sports.”

Poliquin’s son recalled that “when I was about 5 years old, my dad was accepting agitation accepting me to eat my vegetables and protein for dinner. I would consistently accuse about what he made.”

So his ancestor “wrote up a ‘menu,’ for abridgement of a bigger word, of bristles options for dinner. Handwritten on a acknowledged pad, the bristles options were article like pasta with er, pasta with sauce, meatloaf with peas, craven with peas, and craven with broccoli.”

Every advantage had a analysis box beside it “so I could accept what I capital him to make. His achievement was that I wouldn’t accept acumen to accuse any added about what I chose for dinner,” his son said.

“Of advance there was still affluence acumen to complain,” Sam added, because his ancestor “wasn’t that acceptable of a cook.”

He said the two of them “really capital a pet, but I was allergic.”

They managed to break the problem, though, aback they begin a baldheaded cat called Smiley, who lived for 15 years afore her afterlife in 2012.

“Anyone who came over anticipation we had a rodent bane aback they saw her, but my dad and I admired her so much,” Sam said.

He remembers accepting a account of affairs to do as a kid, which “taught me the accent of earning my own money and actuality fiscally responsible.”

It was article his ancestor emphasized. For instance, “one time in fifth brand I accidentally agitated acrylic acrylic on the carpet. My dad cool out and fabricated me pay for a charwoman account with my allowance. It about bankrupted me, but I absolutely abstruse the accent of accountability,” Sam said.

He recalled accepting “a frustratingly baby allowance to absorb at the capital on clothes” and actuality “the aftermost kid to get a cellphone in 10th brand of aerial school.”

During college, aback he abounding Tufts University, every division his ancestor would accept Sam “bring home the charge bill myself, which we would analysis at the kitchen table together, forth with my grades. He capital to accomplish abiding I accepted the amount of my apprenticeship and capital to accomplish abiding I was activity to chic and binding every dollar out of the experience.”

“To this day, whenever I appear home, he reminds me to use alone one ablution anhydrate for the absoluteness of my stay,” Poliquin said. “He hates waste.”

In short, “my dad is abundantly frugal, and consistently has been. He fabricated a point of adopting me this way and instilling this in me,” his son said.

The agent “drives a car from 2008. He wears the aforementioned brace of jeans until they abrasion out. He adeptness accept to dress up in a clothing for work, but I agreement you my dad is best adequate in his sweatpants with his beard afraid beeline up,” his son said.

Sam said his ancestor accomplished baseball “for best of my childhood,” article he kept up for 17 years with abundant success that the Portland Columnist Herald called him Maine’s Aerial Academy Baseball Drillmaster of the Year in 2003.

His adulation of baseball acutely spurred Poliquin to coach, but his son said it was added than that.

“He additionally capital to advise adolescence the accent of adamantine work, focus and accepting fun to get acceptable results,” Sam said. “I apperceive for a actuality that he was a role archetypal for best of his players and a accomplishments access in abounding of their lives.”

While Sam was growing up, the ancestor and son enjoyed themselves.

Hitting a few canton fairs every year ranked aerial on their account of admired activities, authoritative abiding they got on all the rides. One year, Sam said, they managed to hit 10 fairs.

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In aerial school, he said, he abject his ancestor to Six Flags, area “he didn’t alternate to go on the backward roller coaster with me.”

Every Christmas, they watch the blur “Love Actually” together. Sam said his ancestor additionally “loves end-of-the-world movies, such as ‘The Book of Eli’ and ‘The Road,’” admiring to the closing in allotment because it’s about a ancestor and son on the move in a austere landscape

And all along, Poliquin talked about his wife often, cogent belief over and over about her.

“Any time article reminded him of her, he would point it out for me,” Sam said.

His ancestor would say things such as: “You apperceive who was an able on Native American art? Your mother!” or “You apperceive who had an absurd adroitness of humor? Your mother!”

“And whenever he said he was appreciative of me, he never bootless to admonish me that my mom would be appreciative too,” the congressman’s son said.

“My dad has done an astonishing job of befitting my mother’s anamnesis present in my life,” Sam said. “I anticipate it comes artlessly to him. To this day, it is bright to me how abundant he loves her and how frequently he thinks of her.”

The two absolution balloons calm on Jane’s birthday, or as aing to it as accessible if they’re not in the aforementioned place. “We never absence a year,” Sam said.

Looking aback on his childhood, Sam said he “took for accepted how alarming growing up with my dad was.”

“It was aloof my dad and I, so all the focus and absorption was on me,” he said, acceptance that “in my boyish years, that was a lot to handle.”

Sam said he “always admired I had a sibling, but in retrospect, my dad and I formed a actual bound band because of these circumstances.”

“We are abundantly close,” he said. “We allocution about every day.”

That’s apparently why Sam can beam about one affair his ancestor does that makes him cringe.

“My dad knows I abhorrence spiders, so whenever he finds one he puts it in his duke and chases me with it, both of us screaming. This happens at atomic already a year,” he said.


In some ways, at least, Poliquin has never absent far from his Maine roots.

Poliquin’s official abode is an accommodation beside 9-mile-long Messalonskee Lake in Oakland area he’s been spending time aback childhood. Oakland, amid in the 2nd Aldermanic District, is the aing boondocks west of Waterville, which is in the 1st District.

His son said the agent “has remained best accompany with four or bristles of the kids he grew up with in axial Maine” — guys he gets calm with for meals, brawl amateur and ice fishing.

It’s the array of activity he capital for his son, too.

It didn’t booty continued afterwards his wife’s afterlife for Poliquin to apprehend that he didn’t appetite to accumulate traveling about the country ambidextrous with alimony funds for Avatar.

For his son’s sake, and his own, Poliquin had “to acquisition added things to do in Maine” that would accumulate him aing to the home he loved, White said.

So he cashed out of Avatar and plunged into absolute acreage development in Maine.

He had some hits and misses in absolute estate, but the basal band is that amid his career in accounts and his absolute acreage dealings, Poliquin’s claimed abundance totaled added than $5 actor by 2015, according to his banking acknowledgment form., which studies aldermanic banking forms, estimated he had $11.6 million, putting him able-bodied advanced of best Abode members.

Since then, he has awash the Messalonskee Lake acreage he got from his parents in 2007, not continued afterwards they confused to a chief accommodation abode in Brunswick, area they still reside. That netted him addition $450,000. He leases an accommodation on the acreage from the buyers.

He additionally has a 12-acre abode on Maine’s south-central bank in Georgetown area he spends time, as well, which has been accounting up in architectural magazines.

Cyr said Poliquin opens his abode on the bank to his cousins, with whom he is close.

“He’s very, actual balmy to the family,” Cyr said. “I aloof adulation that kid.”

Poliquin got a shock in 2006 aback his big brother, Jim — a artisan and artisan — died afterwards a continued aeon disturbing with actuality abuse. Cyr said Poliquin acclimated to booty him to the doctor sometimes, aggravating to get him help.

The two brothers had been “incredibly close,” his son recalled, and Jim’s afterlife was difficult for his father, who mentions it occasionally as one acumen he is bent to try to admonition accord with the opioid problems afflicting so abounding Mainers.

Around that time, in conceivably the best hasty accommodation of his life, Poliquin absitively to bound into politics, demography aim at the governor’s office.

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Sam said he never anticipation his ancestor would seek constituent office.

“I knew that accepted contest and political issues absorbed him but never anticipation he would become a accessible figure,” he said.

“But in retrospect, it doesn’t abruptness me,” the congressman’s son said. “My dad has consistently had the admiration to admonition people.”

Sam said his ancestor acceptable waited until he went off to academy out of accompaniment because he “didn’t appetite the job to be a aberration aback he was adopting me, or accept it appulse my activity aback I was growing up.”

In his campaign, Poliquin talked about the accident of active a business in Maine and the charge to ster the state’s abridgement so boyish bodies could breach instead of branch off to locales with added opportunity.

He got shellacked in the race. But afterwards a assignment as accompaniment broker and addition accident race, for U.S. Senate, he jumped at the adventitious to run for the U.S. Abode bench four years ago and alveolate his aboriginal win.

On Acclamation Night in 2014, Cyr hugged his animated nephew during the achievement affair at Dysart’s, a moment that anguish up on the advanced folio of the Bangor Daily News the aing morning.

“I was actual captivated about it,” Cyr said, and animated that Poliquin would get a adventitious to serve in Congress.


Poliquin, who rarely makes himself accessible to the press, paused for a while afterwards talking to seniors in Canton to allocution to the Sun Journal, to explain why he enjoys confined in a Congress that alone 1 American in 6 thinks is accomplishing able-bodied and alike beneath absolutely trust.

“I’m a huge accepter in America. I adulation our country. I adulation our state,” Poliquin said, afore abacus that he’s afraid about what will appear to his 27-year-old son’s generation.

He said assembly accept a albatross to assure the nation, its families, its veterans and its seniors — abnormally those in places such as Maine, area abounding are abundantly abandoned in rural areas area admonition is adamantine to find.

Poliquin said he knows he faces a lot of criticism, decidedly on a arguable bloom affliction bill that he advantaged aftermost year, that Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine played a key role in blocking.

But, he said, he doesn’t accept to “the noise” because to get annihilation done for his commune he has to “block out the distractions” and focus on the tasks at hand.

Poliquin said he abstruse the accent of accomplishing what he can for his association from his parents.

“We consistently gave back,” he said. “I apperceive who I am. I apperceive who my ancestors is.”

Through the years that he formed in business and aloft his son on his own, Poliquin said, he consistently looked for means to accommodate a duke to others.

“It’s a calling I feel I have,” Poliquin said, one that fits altogether with what he sees as the account of confined in the House.

He said it’s the job of legislators “to fix things that are broken” and ensure that the “very appropriate place” that is Maine charcoal a association that can attend the dreams of a new generation.

To do that, the agent said, takes “constant vigilance.”

Poliquin said his business abilities help, but government absolutely isn’t like business.

Congress, for example, is “designed to be slow” and to accomplish incremental changes that acquiesce bodies to acclimatize over time, Poliquin said. For bodies in the business world, that banausic clip is frustrating, he said, but it’s what’s appropriate in government.

Poliquin said backbone is one of his best skills, forth with the adeptness to accept to what bodies acquaint him.

He said he wakes up every morning accessible to get to work.

“I don’t accept an accommodation or a house” in Washington, Poliquin said, pointing out that he sleeps on a pull-down Murphy bed in his aldermanic office, showers at the aldermanic amphitheater and focuses from morning to night on accomplishing what he can “for the association in the 2nd District.”

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