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You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Lips Nyc Dress Code | Lips Nyc Dress Code

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“To accomplish abasement disappear

Lips Nyc Dress Code: Be Beautiful And Chic - 11 Dressi - lips nyc dress code
Lips Nyc Dress Code: Be Beautiful And Chic – 11 Dressi – lips nyc dress code | lips nyc dress code

I spiral some rhinestones on my ear

And put my brooches and tiara

And a little added mascara on.”

  — Jerry Herman in a song from the 1983 Broadway hit La Cage Aux Folles

Down in the underground you will acquisition some truth. That’s the accuracy they affirm by.

You could say this is an developed masquerade affair and a performance.

The conduits to this nocturnal apple are the ones who are advancing for what they alarm a little revolution, one brushstroke at a time.

In the transfiguration, area the four men become abstract creatures, alleged Drag Queens, with continued lashes and adorable wigs and customised gowns, there is a adventure of anguish and accepting and a lot of dare.

They are in this time abridged area they action their beings to their acuteness with sequins and furs and beam area performers accommodate a active 19-year-old who goes by the Annoyance name of Shabnam Bewafa. 

That’s what his ex alleged him. 

“Don’t ask for more,” he says as he applies lipstick.

A abysmal beach shade.

He began to cross-dress alone a few months ago and begin the three others — a ballerina and two animal rights attorneys — to advice him become the youngest Annoyance queen of India. 

And aback Nitish Anand speaks about his Annoyance persona, he speaks in the third person.

“Shabnam Bewafa’s attending is aggressive by Hannah Montana, she brand pop songs and she is adept in quick changes. For example, she will appear in a lehenga on date and he will boring transform it into a continued dress and appear the end, she will band it to a bikini,” she says. 

An arrangement of lipsticks, mascara and foundation are what is bare for transfiguration, the moment area woundedness can be filtered and refined, cut and adapted into an allotment added self.

And transfiguration, they say, isn’t a punishment.

You alive your two selves. It is a performance, a way of self-empowerment, they say.

“Drag is freedom,” says Prateek Sachdeva, a adolescent 25-year-old ballerina from Delhi, who started accomplishing Annoyance performances a year ago and is one of the fiercest queens around. 

In the action for the rights of the LGBTQ community, queens accept been its arresting sym.

Drag is abounding things. It is additionally protest. 

“It is all these gay boys dressed up in changeable accouterment to back-bite patriarch,” says Rovin Sharma, who is from the baby boondocks of Ambala in Haryana. 

It is a performance, a way of self-empowerment. (Photo: Bandeep Singh)

Paris Is Burning, the battleground documentary blur appear in 1991, showcased the activity of LGBTQ amphitheater ability in New York Burghal and accurate the adventures of the atramentous bodies in the 1980s-1990s. And conceivably the safest moment is aback Venus Xtravaganza, a auto woman of colour, is murdered.

Perhaps that’s how this action for the rights of LGBTQ has been.

I aboriginal saw the Annoyance queens in the blur and afterwards in New York City.

But I was too abashed to airing up to them.

I bethink the aperture scenes of the film… audacious chatter, music and these words – “If you’re gonna do this, you’re gonna accept to be stronger than you anytime imagined. You accept to accessible the door. You-all accept to accessible that door, too.”

I met the three men over banquet at a friend’s house. They appetite to accompany in the Annoyance amphitheater arena like they saw in the film. They batten about how they are accessible about their Annoyance avatars and maybe they accept absent friends, but they accept absitively to brave.

And on some nights, they go up on the date and sing and dance.

lips nyc dress code | Makeupsite
lips nyc dress code | Makeupsite | lips nyc dress code

“So at a ball, you accept a chanceto affectation your elegance,your seductiveness,your beauty, your wit,your charm, your knowledge.You can become anythingand do anythingright here, appropriate nowand it won’t be questioned.I came, I saw, I conquered.That’s a ball,”

I apprehend from the calligraphy of the blur that was my alone window to the Annoyance ability until then. That’s aback we absitively to see the three men accomplish at a club in the burghal and to be absorbed by the abstraction of non-conformity.


Isn’t is your dream to be airy and become addition else, leave allotment of you behind, do all that you wouldn’t do in the day aback you are arena by the rules? Prateek asks.

The Annoyance queens apperceive the achievement is alone a abatement from their circadian existence, but abandon is about actuality choices that one makes.

And maybe, one day they will be able to proudly affirmation themselves as the antecedents of what could be alleged a anarchy – the acceleration of the Annoyance in a country that is still advancing to agreement with same- love.

But Annoyance isn’t about changeable even, they say.

“It is a average to let all the suppressed animosity out and an art to bless life,” he says.

As a adolescent child, he had been at his friend’s place, forth with the two girls. He had captivated shawls about himself and affected to airing the ramp. That’s aback the friend’s mother came and told him to leave the house. He didn’t accept what the big accord was then.

In fact, Annoyance is associated with the LGBT association and the struggles are aforementioned of acceptance, he says.

“It’s all me with a lot of architectonics and glitter,” Prateek says.

“We all apperceive at the end of the day it’s Annoyance that has to go forward.. and aback Annoyance goes forward, it takes all of us advanced annual we’re Annoyance queens.”

And again he extends his eyes with the liner, and captivation a mirror in his larboard hand, he applies dejected beam on his eyelids.

Ministry of magic.

“Remember Harry Potter?” he says.

In the JK Rowling series, the columnist talks about transfiguration.

“Transfiguration is some of the best circuitous and alarming abracadabra you will apprentice at Hogwarts,” assistant McGonagall says in the book.

In an annual in 1998, Rowling had said, “With a about-face you change its attributes completely; the atomic anatomy alters…”

Freedom looks like this, and Annoyance is freedom, says the fiercest Annoyance Queen, Prateek. (Photo: Yaseer Iqbal)

At Lalit’s Kitty Su, Thursday nights are committed to the LGBTQ community.

The annoyance assurance that started a year ago accept fabricated it a accustomed destination for the ones alfresco the borders of the civic impositions of gendered roles.

Here, they could be annihilation they want.

Like Prateek, who says he could acrylic an eye on his forehead and the added on his cheek. Annoyance allows you annihilation and everything. There are no rules. Isn’t that the ultimate freedom?

And this is the capital. Not Mumbai, not any added burghal that has the colonial brand of the moral codes so arresting that one alone has to attending at the arty architectonics of Lutyen’s Delhi.

But this club is in the affection of the city’s colonial mural with all its impositions of the moral code.

The Supreme Cloister is not far from here. Nor is the bench of the government.

At St Columba’s School, he would comedy the role of Mother Mary in bearing plays and alike became a bogie once.

But it was alone aback he went to London for his studies that he was apparent to annoyance arena and says in the UK, the annoyance is awkward and abrupt clashing the US area the amphitheater arena is added popular, accustomed the country’s attraction with pageants.

Kitty Su, the club, absolutely got its name from Keshav Suri’s aftermost name. (Photo: Bandeep Singh)

Keshav Suri of the Lalit Group of Hotels, area the club alleged Kitty Su is housed, says he became a huge fan of Annoyance and, in fact, the club is alleged afterwards his Annoyance name, which is a aggregate of Hello Kitty which his sister admired aback they were kids and his aftermost name.

A few years ago, he risked authoritative the club at the auberge a host for LGBTQ nights and approved to argue RuPaul annoyance queens to appear for performances at the club, the beyond aim actuality to advance LGBTQ tourism in India.

Lips Nyc Dress Code: Be Beautiful And Chic - 11 Dressi - lips nyc dress code
Lips Nyc Dress Code: Be Beautiful And Chic – 11 Dressi – lips nyc dress code | lips nyc dress code

At the aboriginal such night, aback Violet Chachki, a acclaimed annoyance queen and a caricatural dancer, descended in Delhi, 1,900 bodies showed up. That was a sign.

“That was a accident we took. The added accident was acceptance,” says Suri.

“But there was an absolute annoyance ability and Sushant Divgikar had been assuming alfresco India in annoyance and was a adversary on Big Boss.”

The club launched him as Rani Ko-He-Noor.

“Drag names are a comedy on words and there are a lot of puns,” he says.

The club in four cities has been hosting annoyance nights aback August aftermost year, and accept eight abiding annoyance queens as allotment of what they alarm their ancestors besides others who are arrive to perform.

The aloof is online and as the annoyance ability comes of age, abounding men accept their annoyance profiles on amusing media with massive following.

“It is a mix of amphitheater and show,” he says. “But we accept to acquisition our own way. And because India has a huge auto community, there is confusion. Auto is what you are and annoyance is what you do.”

As abundant as monsoon: Annoyance is an art and anatomy is the canvas. Contouring is important to cut the adult appearance of face. (Photo: Bandeep Singh)

And while Abundant Monsoon and others are a little alert of donning a sari as they feel they ability be mistaken as hijras, there are others like 30-year-old Alex Matthew whose annoyance name is Mayamma, the mother of illusions, who wears a sari consistently and Queen Harish from Jaisalmer who is a beeline man, a ancestor of two, who is internationally acclaimed for his gypsy ballerina avatar and dresses up in acceptable Rajasthani clothes.

“In the end, it is all about opportunities and the arena is new here.

Mayamma is our appearance and what charcoal to be apparent is whether we appear up with our own appearance and we are aggravating to accomplish amplitude for an indian Annoyance culture,” says Suri.

Mayamma’s aback adventure is an busy one with an Indian ambience area she says the appearance of Maya is from a baby fishing town. Her ancestor was a alcoholic and would exhausted up her mother and one day the mother gives her babe all the money to go abroad and never appear back.

Alex Matthew started assuming in annoyance in 2014.

Queen Harish is the Annoyance name of Harish Kumar from Jaisalmer and is modeled on a Rekhaesque Mujara Dancer.

“Since then, I accept alone agitated this appearance (like an amateur accomplishing a distinct role in its absolute career) beyond every adventure of all seasons of the alternation of my dancing life. I accept actively formed on my abilities with abundant all-embracing training,” he says. “Drag to me is a achievement and the act of artlessly putting on lipstick.”

The struggles are plenty. “Normal aerialist struggle: fees, assembly budget, brainless amusing media manager, abridgement chic instead of business class…” he says

He says he started dancing in advanced of the television watching Bollywood.

“Then I took the date by alarm as my brother, sisters and I became orphans.

Strong women aggressive and abide to affect me. These women appear to be all date performers -watching them teaches me the detail of feminity,” he says.


Nitish is a apprentice and believes activity is like a Disney cine area aggregate is possible. And Shabnam Bewafa is his way of adulatory his own underdog, the advancing of age of a shy boy in childhood, who absent his mother aback he was bristles years old.

When you are a child, the apple is beyond than life. The adolescence is a amplitude of abhorrence and aggressiveness aback a adolescent supplied his own answers to questions he isn’t accustomed to ask.

That’s aback he had dreamed of acceptable a albino pop star.

Childhood is abounding of demons and fairies, dreams and nightmares. Alone a few backpack them onwards. Nitish never let go of the dream. Aback he dresses up in a sari and he consistently wears a sari, he says he can get a glimpse his mother in himself. Maybe, that is why he would do Annoyance forever. That’s acumen enough. And besides these four, there are a scattering of others who are aggravating to authorize Annoyance as an art form, to acquaint bodies they aren’t cross-dressers or transgendered, but men who appetite to accurate their feminine side.

They are gay but that’s not important.

Drag isn’t alone about uality.

It is an art form, a achievement area you become an article you actualize in your head. It could be the albino pop singer, a Cindrella-like appearance who is abounding of achievement or a role comedy modeled on Priyanka Chopra’s role in Saat Khoon Maaf who is acceptable and little angry at the aforementioned time. It is about who you can’t be offstage.

“The attempt is real,” Nitish says.

The attempt is real. (Photo: Bandeep Singh)

This club, Kitty Su, at The Lalit Auberge itself is a class for what they alarm their best aggressive activity – to adviser a Annoyance amphitheater ability in India area performers and arrivistes can appear calm like none added than the RuPaul’s Annoyance Race – a television alternation attractive to acme America’s Aing Annoyance Superstar that premiered in May 2008 on Logo in the US.

Lips Nyc Dress Code: Be Beautiful And Chic - 11 Dressi - lips nyc dress code
Lips Nyc Dress Code: Be Beautiful And Chic – 11 Dressi – lips nyc dress code | lips nyc dress code

Since 2017, the Lalit Group’s Keshav Suri has been hosting performances by the acclaimed Annoyance Queens from the RuPaul’s appearance and by the time Ishaku Bezbaroa, a 27-year-old acknowledged researcher from Kolkata, debuted as annoyance queen Kushboo with a song alleged ‘Hiee’, by Alaska Thunderfvck, in October 2017, the Annoyance arena in India had begin absolutely a following.

Dressed in tights and a albino wig, she lip-synched to “And I absolved off youAnd I absolved off an old me” and acclaimed her crossover as she befuddled altar (s) in the face of the audience. It was October 31.”It was Halloween,” he says.

In a baby one-room accommodation in Delhi’s Lajpat Nagar, a neighbourhood that manages to be both stodgily accepted and accustomed and accommodate apartment to the city’s casual hordes, a adolescent woman, Binaira Vaishno Pawar, is his alone friend.

“Drag, as a concept, fascinates me,” says Binaira, whose sister Tanya was Kushboo’s aboriginal confidante. “I’m so appreciative of him (Ishaku).”

But Bezbaroa knows that the blow of his neighbours are absurd to be as accepting, and he keeps himself to himself.

Still, he insists, “Drag is an art and my anatomy is my canvas.”

Prateek performed on November 7 and again it was the about-face of Abundant Monsoon.

They met in the club aback the organisers flew bottomward Violet Chachki, whose covering act drew about 1,900 bodies to the bistro aftermost year.

“Come Through… said Violet Chachki,” Prateek says.

We followed.


In the room, smoke curls up and so do the eyelashes. But aboriginal they administer cement to their bristling brows.”You see men accept these kinds of brows,” says Aishwarya Anshuman, who calls himself Abundant Monsoon, a name he blanket from his friend, aback he debuted as a Annoyance Queen a year ago.

The acquaintance is sitting aing to him. His beard is pulled aback and closed with a net cap, his face caked and with able movements that appear with practice, he has disconnected his face into three spaces.

He says contouring is important to cut the adult appearance and accomplish him adorable to the men he would accomplish in advanced of, afterwards that night.

They both bought bargain architectonics from Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi already and in their amateurish way activated it on their face, wore the broken-down wig they bought for the pride array and captivated themselves in shawls and danced.

To them, they looked beautiful.

Ko-He-Noor: Queen of all hearts, aback black descends. (Photo: Bandeep Singh)

Of course, it wasn’t accessible to become a Annoyance Queen. They started off with online competitions. And then, at a club they watched a Annoyance Queen from their admired appearance RuPaul’s Annoyance Queen perform.

“That was something,” says the friend.

Entertainers, like Prateek, say, Annoyance is added about expressions and they are not transual or transvestite. They are added affiliated to illusionists or changeable impersonators that accept been about in the country for a continued time.

“Men accept been arena the role of Sita and Draupadi,” he says.

But again that has its origins in patriarchy area women were banned to accomplish in advanced of an audience. But now, bathrobe up in Annoyance is an acute performance, a political statement, a aishment tactic.

It is a ability area gender itself is allotment of performance.

Like, aback the fourth Annoyance Queen comes in the allowance and lights a cigarette, she starts to affront about her makeup. She has accustomed with an entourage. As she apparel her sari, Shabnam Bewafa, the youngest and the best daring, says cipher should attending at a woman cutting her sari. And aback she has activated beam to her inches-long affected eyelashes and her pumped up lips, she accoutrements her eyelids and asks, “Am I not hot?”

Prateek exchanges his wig with Aishwarya. They are not aggressive with anniversary other. They are affiliated adjoin what seems to them a little annual that could advice others appear out and perform. They get emails, letters from others in abate towns like Gorakhpur who appetite to be like them.

“There was this adolescent actuality from Agra who would bulletin me allurement for suggestions, tips,” Prateek says.

“The bulletin is unabashed. Can you advice me is what they ask.”

Prateek’s Annoyance name is Betta Naanstop. It is not an adapt ego. It is a name he has fabricated up with associations to back what he aims to be.

Betta is the name of a vibrantly black Siamese angry angle that can alive calm with females from the aforementioned species. The name of his Annoyance Queen avatar is a allegory for abounding things, an ode to things he likes.

It is not an adapt ego. It is allotment of him. And the name Betta Naanstop agency aloof that. He is actuality to affirmation his territory. He is the friend, the mother and the best accustomed of them all.

“In the Annoyance world, a angle queen is the best adaptation of a woman you are aiming for, I mean,” he says.

lips nyc dress code | Makeupsite
lips nyc dress code | Makeupsite | lips nyc dress code

“Drag queens are visions.”

They accept all watched the band documentary blur of 1991 Paris is Burning area the Annoyance amphitheater ability of New York is documented.

There are agreement of the subculture that accept been eternalised.

Realness wasn’t aloof a term, or a acceptable apparel makeover, but about a “tragicomic beard of the abysm amid what is actuality emulated”.

It wasn’t and isn’t about performed glamour, but about gender non-conforming people. It is about dreams and a bisect of the identities of airy people.

It is like how in the mid- and late-eighties, Chi Chi Valenti, who was alleged the empress of nightlife and who actual the arising sub-cultures of New York, said “All who accept developed up restless, in a thousand sleeping cities.”


In Kolkata, he had already been sitting in a esplanade with a friend.

That’s aback a plainclothes policeman came up to them and aerial his shirt to see if his pants were unzipped. “We weren’t accomplishing anything. Aloof sitting there and aback this happened, I acquainted sad,” says Kushboo.

He is a animal rights advocate and they absitively to use their absolute names and identities on their amusing media network.

“We are putting aggregate at pale to actualize acquaintance about Drag. Annoyance is art anatomy area my anatomy is my canvas, the architectonics and clothes are my painting and the date my exhibition. To me, it is about a way of assuming the abracadabra I consistently dreamt of accomplishing as a child. It is additionally accompanying a anatomy of analysis for myself. If I don’t claiming my own masculinity, what is the point?” he adds.

When he aboriginal performed on the Halloween night aftermost year, he knew it was the alpha of something.

Shabnam Bewafa is Nitish during the day. (Photo by Vikram Sharma)

“Drag alcove out to the world, it is loud and arresting and entertaining. It can’t be avoided,” he says.

His parents had accustomed his uality but aback they apparent through his Amazon annual that he had ordered wigs and bedlam bras and makeup, they weren’t happy.

“There is backfire from ancestors and boyfriends who accept not capital their ‘man’ to ‘behave like a girl’,” he says.

And that’s aback he remembers his admired Annoyance Queen adduce by RuPaul Charles- “If you can’t adulation yourself, how in hell are you gonna adulation somebody else”.

It is the accord amid them that makes him go through the ups and downs. Aback he gets letters from bodies beyond the country who are in baby towns and absent to accomplish like them, he feels article is brewing.

“There is a beatitude and affinity that we feel for anniversary other. We all accept altered struggles, but accept been calm on the aforementioned journey. We animate anniversary other, apprentice from anniversary added and advice anniversary added out. We alone do bigger together, and that’s why this sisterhood,” he adds.

They alarm Betta their sister and mother.

The three of them accept watched anniversary added abound as Annoyance performers, and accept been there from the alpha of their accessible annoyance lives.


For hours, the Annoyance queens, who analyze as macho offstage, administer layers to their face and neck. On a chair, there is a brace of cream bisected cushions.

“My ancestor got the cushions and I cut them to accomplish them bum pads,” says Aishwarya.

Long ago, a concrete training abecedary in Ranchi, area he grew up, had alleged him sissy. For years, he anticipation it was a back-bite word.

But in 2014, he heard RuPaul’s song “sissy that walk” from the anthology “Born Naked” appear in the sixth division of his appearance and he smiled.

“And If I fly or if I fallLeast I can say I gave it allAnd If I fly or if I fallI’m on my way, I’m on my way,” the lyrics go.

Perhaps that was the moment of crossover. It wasn’t dramatic. Aloof a song. And it was that breaking chargeless moment.

Aishwarya says Annoyance to him is arena with the rules of gender through performance, sometimes breaking them and sometimes all-embracing them.

“Drag is additionally a annotation on our attraction with appearance and the backroom of our lives. For years, I had repressed a allotment of my personality, in particular, my femininity, because I feared how our association treats bodies who are different. Annoyance allows me the belvedere to absolve my delicacy and gives me the authorization to be aggregate that the apple may not acquiesce me to be. Annoyance additionally helps me to become added chargeless and assured in my day to day activity and teaches me airs and acceptance,” he says.

He explains that bodies accept abounding misconceptions about Drag. For some, it is a anniversary of delicacy and queerness; for some, it raises questions of identity; and for others, it makes them catechism what they desire, he says.

lips nyc dress code | Makeupsite
lips nyc dress code | Makeupsite | lips nyc dress code

“The analogue and rules of Annoyance accumulate changing, so it’s accept to not accept Annoyance fully. Actual generally association shows us that assertive ‘other’ lives do not matter. We don’t get to be the heroes in the boilerplate stories. Alike if it’s for a abbreviate while, Annoyance makes me feel like my activity matters; that I can be the brilliant of my own story. That is actual empowering,” Abundant Monsoon says.

But it isn’t easy. The attempt is two-fold, he says.

“The best accepted struggles absorb how to accomplish this a career, how to cross already-existing relationships and get them to abutment Drag, etc. The added important struggles are internal, such as compassionate what Annoyance agency for your identity, why you are accomplishing this, and whether it absolutely helps the association in any way. These questions are complex, but important for me to answer,” he says.


At 11:30pm, they are all ready. Abundant Monsoon wears a wig that Betta Nanstop usually wears. Tonight, they accept absitively to comedy with their avatars. She is decked in a chicken bodice and a chicken cape.

Kushboo advisers a sequined white dress he bought from Sarojini Nagar and Betta wears a abbreviate catchbasin dress captivated by a corset covering belt. 

Before the final act on the stage, they get calm in the salon.

It is accomplished midnight.

They accept appear Kushboo’s name and she walks on the date to accomplish on Annie Lennox’s song, “No added I adulation you”.

Figures appeared to accompany her. You could alarm them apparitions.

They fabricated their mark, I capital to acquaint them (Photo: Bandeep Singh)

Beautiful and ablaze about her.

And she? She was belted in shafts of blush and dejected ablaze as if the skies had caked the ablaze on to her. 

“On stage, I feel they are seeing me for who I absolutely am inside; a fierce, admirable animal who aloof wants to advance love,” Ikshaku Bezbaroa had said afore he angry into the white albino creature. 

Perhaps, he is afterpiece to his ultimate Annoyance avatar Mystique from X-men, who can about-face into whoever she wants to be, and be a absolute badass, but additionally not abashed of actuality accessible and blue. 

When he is advancing the end of his performance, his dress is lit with bogie lights he has stitched them on. 

And you bethink his words: “On stage, I feel powerful. I feel desirable. I feel absolutely myself. I feel like the apple is assuredly watching and is actuality to accept to what I accept to say through my performance. My Annoyance appearance is an absolute aspect of my life.”

Desires, wishes, hopes and dreams bidding through the wee hours of the morning. Men and women danced in the arranged club. No judgements. No catcalls. 

This is what abandon looks like, said addition in the audience. 

And in the angle stood Abundant Monsoon, comatose adjoin the wall.

He had said his admired adduce was the one by RuPaul himself: “We are all built-in naked and the blow is Drag”.

The accuracy is generally simple and maybe you could add some beam to it.

That’s all there is. 

I alone him home that night. He had taken off the wig and the makeup. But kept cutting the sandals. 

Last I saw him was aback he performed at the Kitty Su club on September 15. He wore a ablaze orange onesie and flowers in his hair.

And he sang, “Take me as I am…”

I coiled at him. He didn’t see me. The cloister had apprehend bottomward the IPC Section.

But I saw him. 

And I remembered my favourite adduce from the old queen Dorian Corey in Paris is Burning. 

“I consistently had hopes of actuality a big star. But as you get older, you aim a little lower. Everybody wants to accomplish an impression, some mark aloft the world. Again you think, you’ve fabricated a mark on the world, if you aloof get through it, and a few bodies bethink your name. Again you’ve larboard a mark. You don’t accept to angle the accomplished world. I anticipate it’s bigger to aloof adore it. Pay your dues, and aloof adore it. If you shoot an arrow and it goes absolute high, hooray for you,” she said in the film.

Stuyvesant High School Students Protest Dress Code - The New York Times - lips nyc dress code
Stuyvesant High School Students Protest Dress Code – The New York Times – lips nyc dress code | lips nyc dress code

I capital to argument them that they fabricated their mark. But I chose to address the adventure instead.

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lips nyc dress code | Makeupsite
lips nyc dress code | Makeupsite | lips nyc dress code
Lips Nyc Dress Code: Be Beautiful And Chic - 11 Dressi - lips nyc dress code
Lips Nyc Dress Code: Be Beautiful And Chic – 11 Dressi – lips nyc dress code | lips nyc dress code

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